Defensive Boost Edit

Units on the defensive side of the Battlefield get a Defensive Boost. Its value depends on the unit's class:

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Critical Hits Edit

When Units fire upon a type of Unit that they counter, they have a chance to score a Critical Hit for massively increased damage. Critical Hits are represented by a larger font and an exclamation mark.

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Damage Calculation & Engagement Limit Edit

Each Unit's damage against all 4 types is what determines what it does better against. Units like the Gepard and Chengdu J7 will struggle against Armored Units but they should be able to take down most Airforce Units due to their high Damage vs Airforce.

In Battle, the unit's Damage is multiplied by the number of units the group is composed of, up to 150 units. This means that a group of 150 Gepards (Damage vs Airforce: 85) will attack a Chengdu with 12750 Damage per wave (85*150). A group of 200 would still deal 12750 given that the cap is 150. This is the Engagement Limit. Supreme Units, in turn, have an Engagement Limit of 25 Units, due to their innately high stats.

There is an exception to the Engagement Limit. If two groups of units firing upon each other have over 1500 Units, then the Engagement Limit will be 10% of the smallest group. Let's look at the following Battle as an example:

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  1. The MQ-9 Reaper and the Bazooka fire with an Engagement Limit of 200 since it is 10% the smaller group of the two (2000 Bazookas);
  2. The MQ-9 Reaper and the Soldiers fire with an Engagement Limit of 150 since there are only 1000 Soldiers;
  3. The MQ-9 Reaper and the Bradley fire with an Engagement Limit of 500 since both of them consist of 5000 Units in their groups.
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