Whenever there is a Battle, all participating players get a Battle Report. A Battle Report informs players of the course and outcome of a Battle.

There are two sides to The Battlefield: the Attacker and the Defender. They will always occupy the left and right sides of The Battlefield respectively.

Battles are fought in Waves. In each Wave, the units of the attacker will fire upon one unit on the defending side, which immediately fire back. Battles only last up to 50 Waves. Target choosing is random though each unit will attempt to fire upon all defending units as equally as possible. Number of units lost per wave is seen above the unit itself.

When using a default Strategy, Units will initiate a retreat when they fall below 30% of their group size. Retreating may take between 2 and 4 waves depending on the type of unit and in this period, units deal significantly less Damage until they successfully leave The Battlefield.

Battle Results Edit

There are two possible outcomes to a fight; Victory and Defeat. Within them, there are two levels; Decisive Results and Close Results:

  • A Decisive Result takes place when one of the sides either was completely destroyed or retreated from Battle;
  • A Close Result takes place when the Battle reaches 50 waves and both sides still had active units in the Battlefield. In a Close Result, the Winning Factor makes it so that the side with the highest percentage of units alive wins, regardless of unit type.