Summary Edit

Capital Warfare was a feature introduced in Season 3 of 2017. For 72 Hours 5 Squads participate in epic battles conquering Capital Bases. Each Capital Base rewards a certain number of points depending on the period of the Season.

How to Compete Edit

The Squad Leaderboard is composed of Squads that are currently competing by participating in Capital Warfare, and conquering Capital Bases to gain points.

Each Squad starts out as Unranked and once they get their first points, they immediately placed in the Leaderboard.

At the end of every capital warfare, the top 2 Squads are promoted to the League above, and at the same time, the bottom 2 Squads are demoted to the League below. The promoted and demoted squads will be at the bottom/top of their new League respectively. At the end of the Season, the top 5 Squads host their respective country's flags in the podium.

Matchmaking Edit

  • The matchmaking system in World War Online matches you against 5 random Squads in your League.
  • Matchmaking will occur every Sunday at 18:00 UTC and Thursday at 06:00 UTC, 6 Hours before the Capital opens for Conquer.
  • Military might of members will not influence the matchmaking process whatsoever.
  • Once matched, your squad will be allocated a Capital, 4 random squads, and its' unlock time.

Capital Conquer Cycle Edit

Capital Warfare lasts for 72 Hours, from the opening of a Capital until it closes:

  • Capitals begin their Conquer Cycles at 00:00 UTC.
  • You can check when a Capital will open through the District Sidebar.
  • The 72 Hours are divided into 72 Conquer Cycles, where every 1 Hour, Squads will gain points based on the number of Capital Bases they own, multiplied by the Base Value.
  • During Capital Warfare, all other squads and players are invisible in the Capital District except the Squads that have this Capital allocated to them.

Base Value Edit

As the Season progresses, the number of points per Capital Base owned at the end of each Conquer Cycle increases to allow for newer squads to be able to catch up, and due to war becoming more intense as the Season draws to a close.

Date Points
19 October 2017 1
26 October 2017 2
2 November 2017 3
9 November 2017 4
16 November 2017 5
23 November 2017 6
30 November 2017 8
7 December 2017 10
21 December 2017 12
28 December 2017 15
4 January 2018 25