Summary Edit

Military Bases are used to train large amounts of Units in a short period of time. They are the only type of Base that players can Build in World War Online. When built on a Coastal District, they can also train Navy Units.

This base can be built anywhere on the map, with a cost of 2 WWO-Influence. Strategically placing Military Bases around your opponents Capital when fighting in Capital Warfare can give you the strategic advantage when you need to build Units. This can also be used to surprise players that have their armies in districts.

Military Bases have some special rules to them:

Unit Production Edit

A Military Base has a production limit of 2500 Normal Units and 25 Supreme Units of each Type (Infantry, Armored, Air and Navy) - meaning a total production of 10000 Normal Units and 100 Supreme Units.

Units take time to produce, which can be made instant using WWO-Influence:

Therefore to produce the maximum capacity of a Military Base, it would take 40 Minutes.
Military land