The Player Leaderboard is an individual competition that's completely separate from the main Leaderboard. In the Player Leaderboard, players get points for winning Battles against other players. Its purpose is to showcase the top Commanders of the current Season.

The Standings Edit

Each player starts out in the Player Leaderboard with 450 Battle Points right after finishing the Growth Mission. From there, players can climb up by winning battles against other players. By reaching certain positions, you will get promoted to a higher League.

  • White League: 230th position and below.
  • Bronze League: Between 151st and 229th position.
  • Silver League: Between 51st and 150th position.
  • Gold League: Between 1st and 50th position.

The top players will also receive a WWO-Influence bonus. For more details, check the Leaderboard.

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