The Squad Leaderboard is composed of the Squads that are currently competing by participating in Capital Warfare against other Squads and conquering Capital Bases to get points. Each Squad starts out as Unranked and once they get their first points, they immediately enter the Bronze League. With enough points, Squads get promoted to the Silver and Gold League, where finally at the end of the Season, the top 5 Squads host their respective country's flags in the podium.

Leagues Edit

There are 4 Leagues in World War Online, and at the end of the Season, players from squads in different leagues receive varied rewards based on their Ranking. Squads are ranked based on the number of Points they have, and in each League there's a maximum number of squads:

League Squad Limit
Gold 10
Silver 10
Bronze 30

How to get Points Edit

To learn how to gain points for your Squad - visit Capital Warfare.

For more in-depth rules of the Leaderboard, check the in-game guides!