Summary Edit

  • Gems are the premium in-game currency used to advance a players' gameplay. When players first start out World War Online, they are given 10 WWO-Influence for completing the Training Mission. Additional WWO-Influence can be earned in-game daily through the Store, or purchased with real money. WWO-Influence can be used in several ways:
    • To build Military Bases, which allows you to Train units anywhere on the map.
    • Destroying Military Bases uses a Special Forces unit.
    • Purchasing of Unit Skins in the Store.
    • Players can use WWO-Influence to instantly finish Troop training time.
    • Players can also use WWO-Influence to instantly complete the upgrade of their Headquarters Base.
    • The primary use of WWO-Influence is to build Supreme Units which are units that are stronger than their Normal counterparts.
    • Players can also purchase Resources from the Store using WWO-Influence.
    • Using WWO-Influence allows you to purchase longer Sleep sessions which protect your units from being destroyed if you plan on being away from the game for a few days.

Purchasing WWO-Influence Edit

WWO-Influence is available to purchase in the Store of World War Online. There are multiple methods to choose from when buying WWO-Influence and in varying amounts, although all all purchases are in Euros:

Packs Edit

Players can purchase WWO-Influence in the following Packs through the Store in World War Online:

Pack White Pack Bronze Pack Silver Pack Gold Pack* Squad Pack**
WWO-Influence 450 1000 2250 5000 5x300
Price €5.00 €10.00 €20.00 €40.00 €15.00

*Players are only allowed to purchase up to 5.000 WWO-Influence per week.

** Squad Packs are used to send gifts to your Squadmates. You can also send 1 300 WWO-Influence pack to yourself.

Payment Options Edit

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Fortumo
  • cashU

Trivia Edit

  • World War Online is free to play, but contains a premium currency (WWO-Influence) available for purchase that gives players in-game advantages.
  • As players purchase a larger amount of WWO-Influence, the cost per WWO-Influence reduces.